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Helping The Environment

We understand that helping the environment is vital, not only because of the financial advantages of saving and re-using; but of the moral advantages of doing ‘our bit’ at rent-a-cleaner. Studies have proven globally that the majority of successful businesses are those that plan for long-term sustainable development.

This means at rent-a-cleaner we consider the effects of every part of our business on the environment and society. Simply put, our business must have minimal negative effect on the wider world.

How green is rent-a-cleaner?

  • We only use recyclable and bio friendly cleaning products
  • All cleaning products we purchase must be approved from ‘Ecolabel’
  • Our cleaning team travel in our ‘veggie vans’ meaning they run of bio-diesel
  • We recycle all materials used at our offices and only use energy efficient lighting
  • Our staff are encouraged to ‘go green’ whether it be switching off an unused computer, light, printer or even sending an email rather than printing a document and posting it out

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Helping The Environment
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